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Ballast Water Treatment System Professional Project Installation Turkey

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Ship owners are required to install a ballast water treatment system (BWTS) on their ships under the BWM protocol. In most circumstances, other options are not an option. A BWTS installation project, also known as a BWTS retrofit, consists of several phases, including solution evaluation and selection, design, installation, including prefabrication, and commissioning. System integration design and installation or detail design are both included in design. The classification society approval usually comes between the two design processes.

Estimates for BWTS retrofit projects vary, but it should take about nine months if the procedure is followed in a systematic manner with the goal of finding the best solution, which is always ship-specific. Due to the massive increase in demand, there may be several bottlenecks after the convention takes effect. The refit process might be slowed by a lack of capability among stakeholders, such as classification societies, BWTS vendors, installation, docking, and design.

The feasibility study, which is the first step in a BWTS conversion, yields a shortlist of the best options for each vessel. The shortlist is chosen based on a number of technical and economic criteria. The effectiveness of various systems, methodologies, and vendors is compared. Also taken into account are operational expenses, the footprint of required equipment, and operational parameters such as water quality, total ballast volume, and annual ballasting cycles. At this time, investment expenses are also calculated. 3D scanning is done, and 3D models of various systems are modelled into a point cloud created by 3D scanning. The 3D model is also used to create preliminary cable routes. Maintenance and repairs are usually required by BWTS. With 3D design, sufficient space reservations for maintenance can be verified.

The final choice is determined from among the shortlisted options, based on standard business conversations and judgments.

Updating the required system diagrams is the first step in the design process. Because any conflicts with other systems or pipes must be discovered as soon as feasible, precise design procedures are preferred. Laser scanning is a tried and true method for establishing a precise starting point for 3D modeling. The longer disputes are discovered, the more detrimental they are to the schedule and budget. Another crucial consideration is the hauling strategy. Because the system's components are so massive, shipping them via traditional channels may be impossible.

After the class approves the system diagrams and other drawings, the design for installation and prefabrication begins. The effective installation and completion of the refit project are heavily influenced by detail design. The finer and more meticulous the design, the less time is spent at the yard or at the dry-dock, where the installation is often completed. For a minimum of off-hire and a successful and timely completion of the installation, optimal design is required.

There are two types of treatment methods: physical and chemical. Physical methods include filtration, UV radiation, cavitation, pressure vacuum, and heat, among others. Chlorination, electro chlorination, and ozonation are only a few examples of chemical techniques. Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages.

Various methods will have different footprints, operational costs, and spare parts and maintenance requirements. The strategies might be viewed as compromises; the purpose is to discover a solution that best fits the current situation, not the absolute ideal answer.

Vendors' backgrounds differ as well. Some vendors specialize in water treatment for land-based applications, while others specialize in the marine industry and provide a wide range of goods, while some only offer one product, a ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

The ship owner's main priority is to select a BWTS that complies with IMO and flag authority laws, as well as ship-specific criteria, such as the water characteristics in which it operates. The chosen system should also be cost effective, and its operation should not interfere with the ship's existing systems or require additional effort from the crew.

Each ship can be compared to a fingerprint; while they may appear to be identical, there are significant peculiarities that distinguish each ship and fingerprint. When deciding on the best option, examine the ship's size, age, type, ballast water capacity, ballast pump(s) capacity, and ballasting frequency. The ship's route, as well as the properties of the water and the length of the voyage, have an impact.

The overall costs of the installed BWTS are determined by the ship's remaining lifetime and annual ballast volume. Consumables (electricity, chemicals) and spare components are included in the BWTS's operational costs.

On ships, machinery areas are often used efficiently, leaving little surplus room, if any, available. The BWTS is most often installed in industrial locations like engine rooms. Electrical capacity may be limited, and all types of BWTS may be in short supply. To ensure compliance with the chosen BWTS, it is necessary to update the electric balance calculations.

Another issue to consider is the pressure loss caused by the additional pipe meters and components. This may necessitate the modification or replacement of ballast pumps in order to maintain the original ballasting capacity.

Water parameters such as salinity and Ultraviolet Violet Transmittance have numerical limits established by some vendors. Even though the system obtains type certification, the ship owner is responsible for adhering to the IMO convention. As a result, it's critical to check the BWTS's functionality before purchasing it. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a method for verifying the ballast water system's expected operability (pressure drop, fluid distribution) following BWTS installation.

There are numerous options and scenarios to consider. As a result, the optimal option for one vessel may not be appropriate to another.

The ship may have a BWTS that works fine in salty ocean water, but it may have issues when shifting to freshwater. A similar situation may arise if a ship that has been utilized on long-distance legs is switched to shorter-distance legs that take only hours. These examples may worry some shipowners and may have an impact on a ship's resale value or, at the very least, its ability to operate in certain locations. Differences in legislation between the IMO and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) might cause a similar issue: a BWTS may have IMO type approval but not USCG approval. The ship cannot operate in US waters without USCG approval.

Demand for BWTS is expected to skyrocket in the months coming up to September 2017. BWTS installations are required on tens of thousands of ships around the world. As a result, shipping times may be extended. Aside from the availability of BWTS, design businesses' capacity and docking may be constrained. Because of the strong demand, prices for both equipment and services are anticipated to rise. A significant amount of money has been invested in building equipment and systems, and the payoff is expected. It's also feasible that some systems may be more popular than others, which will have an impact on their prices. The sooner the retrofit project gets underway, the better the results will be, both in terms of time and expense. It is critical for shipowners to act now in order to avoid the problems listed above.

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