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Welcome to ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK Your Trusted Supplier of EN590 and JETA1 Products

Ensuring Authenticity: Your Trusted Source for  EN590 and JETA1 Products

Procuring authentic EN590 and JETA1 fuels in a landscape rife with counterfeit claims demands diligence. At ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK , we prioritize transparency, authenticity, and integrity in all operations to meet your fuel needs with certainty.

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Certifications and Compliance:
 Authorized Refineries adheres to strict regulatory standards and holds official certifications, ensuring genuine product supply.

2. Traceability and Transparency
Our meticulous record-keeping guarantees traceability, providing assurance of genuine, high-quality fuels.

3. Proven Reputation
With a solid reputation as a trustworthy supplier, Denizikmal Marine prioritizes honesty and reliability in every transaction.

4.Industry Expertise
Our team's expertise in fuel specifications and regulations ensures accurate guidance for your needs.

5.Customer-Centric Service
We prioritize prompt, reliable service, and support to exceed your expectations.

Verifying Authenticity

1. Official Documentation
Request official documentation to verify product authenticity based on the CIF & FOB Refinery procedures.

2. Customer Testimonials
Hear from satisfied customers who endorse our reliability.

3. Transparent Communication
Contact us with any questions or concerns for clear, honest answers.

Choose ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK for authentic EN590 10PPM and JETA1 products. Trust in our transparency and integrity for your fuel needs.

Capt.Ozgur BARIS


Whatsapp Number : +905327110329

ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK , we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of high-quality EN590 and JETA1 products to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. With a commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we strive to deliver premium-grade fuels that adhere to the strictest industry standards.

 Our Products from directly from Refineries 

1. EN590 10ppm  Diesel Fuel
Our EN590 diesel fuel is designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern diesel engines. Formulated to deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability, our EN 590 10ppm fuel ensures smooth engine operation while minimizing emissions. Whether for commercial fleets, agricultural machinery, or industrial applications, our EN 590 10ppm diesel fuel is the trusted choice for powering your vehicles and equipment.

2. JETA1 Aviation Fuel
As aviation enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of premium-grade aviation fuel for safe and efficient flight operations. Our JETA1 aviation fuel is meticulously refined to meet the rigorous specifications set forth by aviation authorities worldwide. With a focus on purity, stability, and performance, our JETA1 fuel provides the peace of mind that pilots and aircraft operators demand.

**Why Choose Us

1. **Quality Assurance:**
We prioritize quality at every stage of our product supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to distribution. Our fuels undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards for purity, performance, and safety.

2. **Reliability:**
With a proven track record of reliability, you can count on us to deliver consistent, high-quality fuels on time, every time. Our efficient logistics network and strategic partnerships enable us to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently.

3. **Customer Satisfaction:**
At  ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK , customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers by providing exceptional products and personalized service. Our knowledgeable team is always available to address your questions and support your fuel procurement needs.

4. **Environmental Responsibility:**
We recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and strive to minimize our environmental footprint. Our fuels are formulated to meet stringent environmental regulations while maximizing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

Whether you're looking to purchase EN590 diesel fuel or JETA1 aviation fuel, Denizikmal Marine is here to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products, pricing, and how we can support your fuel requirements. Thank you for considering Denizikmal Marine Service as your trusted fuel supplier.

Denizikmal Marine Services is the reliable Partner of ONSET PETROL DENIZCILIK 






  1. Buyer Issue ICPO containing the seller's working procedure with banking details and scanned copy of buyer's passport along with "TSA" and buyer company certificate of


  1. Upon approval of buyer’s documents, Seller issues commercial invoice of the product to buyer to be signed and returned back to


  1. Upon confirmation of signed CI by buyer, seller issue DTA to buyer, for buyer logistic to signed and endorse for dip test to be car- ried out


  1. Upon Confirmation of Endorsement of DTA, Seller Issue to Buyer PpoP document Listed Below:


  • Fresh SGS Report
  • Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) with GPS Coordinates of where the Tanks/Vessel are
  • Injection Report
  • Authorization to Sell
  • Authorization to verify the product in the seller's tank (ATV)
  • Country of origin
  1. Buyer inspects by SGS on buyer’s expenses and sends


  1. Upon Successful Dip Test in Tanks/Vessel, product will immediately be injected into buyer's buyer makes payment for the product via mt103/TT.


  1. Buyer Lifts Product and all Intermediaries are Seller and Buyer consider and signs further contracts after successful transac- tion.






  1. Buyer issues ICPO addressed to Seller /Refinery Mandate along with approved TSA for Buyer


  1. Upon approval of buyer’s documents, Seller issues Commercial Invoice, Buyer signs and returns back to seller within 48 hours


  1. Seller verifies and approve buyer’s tanks farm by requesting for invoice of 1 day payment remittance, Seller leases the Buyer's tank for 1 day only and provide buyer with payment slip and buyer pay the remaining days. Seller issue Injection Schedule from a pipeline injection masters and Authority to inject (ATI).



  1. Buyers tank farm provide seller with total days TSR + NOR to receive received the


  1. Seller injection masters /company commences with the injection of the product and seller releases the following PPOP documents to buyer


  1. Product Certificate of origin
  2. Authorization to sell and collect (ATSC)
  3. Product Passport
  4. Injection Report
  5. Availability of product
  6. Commitment to supply


  1. Upon the completion of the injection seller issues DTA to Buyer, Buyer inspects product with SGS


  1. After Buyer’s Successful Q&Q Dip Test on the product, Buyer makes the payment for the Total Value of the Product viaMT103-


  1. Upon Seller Receiving the Payment for the Product from the Buyer, Seller issues to Buyer the Title Ownership of the product and all Exportation Documents of the


  1. Buyer Lifts Product and all Intermediaries are Seller and Buyer consider and signs further contracts after successful transaction.






  1. Buyer Issues The Following


  • ICPO With Seller Working Commercial Procedure
  • Buyer’s Company Registration Certificate
  • Tank Storage Agreement (TSA)


  1. Seller Issues Commercial Invoice To Buyer, Buyer Signs And Seller Countersigns


  1. Seller Issues To Buyer The Following Documents


  • Commitment Letter to Supply
  • Authorization To Sell And Collect
  • Statement of Product Availability
  • Seller Issues To Buyer The Tank-To-Tank Transfer Agreement (TTIA) To Be Signed By Buyer And Buyer’s Tank Farm.


  1. Seller Issues Injection Schedule To Buyer And Buyer’s Tank


  1. Seller Commences Dip Test In Seller’s Tanks


  1. Upon Successful Dip Test By Buyer’s Team In The Seller’s Tanks, The Seller Begins Transfer Into The Buyer’s Tank All Parties Sign NCNDA/IMFPA.


  1. The Buyer Makes Payment By Mt103 Or TT Wire Transfer For The Total Product


  1. The Seller Changes The Title Of Ownership To The Buyer’s Name And Pays All Intermediaries According To The Signed NCNDA/IMFPA For Monthly Deliveries And The Buyer Lifts The









  1. Buyer accepts seller working procedure and ICPO issues to the End seller via Seller's


  1. Seller issues a commercial invoice and ICC Warning letter and Buyer signs and returns commercial invoice and ICC Warning letter on a due date along with Buyer


  1. The Seller issues the following PPOP to the buyer for evaluation:


  • Statement of Product Availability
  • IPA
  • Letter of Guarantee


Upon buyer verification and confirmation of the above PPOP Documents, the buyer provides a signed IPA with his tank company to engage in injection Programming.


  1. Seller provides the buyer with Injection program, Fresh SGS, Injection Report, and ATV (Physical Verification) with Unconditional DTA for Dip Test in seller tank for product reconfirmation before injection to buyer


  1. Buyer makes 100% payment by MT103 TT wire transfer for the total product and Seller pays commission to all intermediaries invol- ved in the transaction within 24 hours after confirmation of the buyer's pay


  1. Seller issues draft SPA to the buyer to review for R&E monthly


  1. Buyer reviews and approves the SPA and issues SBLC/IRDLC irrevocable, non-transferable, auto revolving for 12 months shipment value, documentary letter of credit for length of contract and for each lift per Buyer pays after Dip Test by MT103 Wire Transfer one each monthly quantity.


  1. The subsequent delivery shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the


  1. Seller pays commissions to all intermediaries as per IMFPA/NCNDA 24 hours after receiving payment from the buyer






1 The Buyer Issue an ICPO. Containing the seller's work procedures and Banking Details along with TSA (TANK STORAGE AGREE- MENT), Buyer Certificate of incorporation, Company Profile (CP) and International Passport Copy of the CEO.


  1. Seller issues ICC Warning Letter and Commercial Invoice (CI) of products in tank at port, buyer signs and returns the documents with acceptance and commitment letter stating to adhere to seller procedure


  1. The seller issues a copy of the SGS Report strictly JUST to the buyer's Tank farm Company only to verify the SGS


  1. after confirmation of successful verification of SGS Report only by Buyer's Tank Farm The Buyer pays his Tank Com- pany for 5 Days TSR and sends his TSR to the Seller. All Parties must sign NCNDA and IMFPA for endorsements.


  1. The seller issues the following POP documents to the buyer;


  • SGS report for quality and quantity not older than 48 hours
  • Product Certificate of Origin
  • Product injection report
  • Tank storage receipt with full GPS coordinates
  • Unconditional dip test authorization letter
  • Authorization to sell and collect (i)Q&A


  1. After verification of the documents, the injection will be commenced and after injection the buyer makes payment for the total value of the product injected into the tank via MT103-TT.


  1. After receiving confirmation of Buyer Payment, the seller immediately transfer the title ownership to the


  1. Seller sends payment of all intermediaries involved in the transaction 24 hours after receiving confirmation of Buyer Payment as per signed & sealed NCNDA/IMFPA which is notarized by Public Notary in Kazakhstan and then monthly remittance is continued as per terms and terms of the contract of sale and purchase agreement t between the buyer and seller




  1. Buyer issue Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) to Seller and include banking


  1. Seller issue Draft Contract to Buyer, Buyer sign and return to Seller along with Letter of Acceptance and Guarantee to issue SBLC MT760 within 10 bank working days or pay Cash Deposit of USD $320,000 (MT103) as Product Allocation


  1. Upon receipt of signed SPA and Letter of Acceptance, Seller issue PPOP consist of the following below:


  1. Statement of Availability of Product
  2. Irrevocable Commitment to Supply the Product
  3. License to Export Approval
  4. Pro-Forma Invoice (with 10 working days validity)


  1. Within ten (10) bank working days after receipt of the PPOP documents, Buyer issues SBLC MT760 to Seller Fiduciary Company’s bank account or pay Cash Deposit of USD $320,000 via MT103 as Product Allocation Guarantee to assure the transaction and the payment will be deducted from the total cost of product at discharge


  1. Upon Seller’s receipt and confirmation of SBLC MT760 or Cash Deposit of USD $320,000, Seller issues a Confirmation of Product Allocation and obtains the Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate (ATPCC) from Ministry of Energy to the Buyer, and proce- eds with the registration of the full set of POP with the Ministry of Energy and Justice, and with the loading Port Authorities, and char- ter of vessel for product


  1. Seller sends to Buyer the full set of POP documents and 2% PB (Performance Bond) by Bank to Bank and by email to Buyer. Loa- ding commence according to shipment schedule for shipment within the specified working days after Buyer verification and confir- mation of POP and 2% POP DOCUMENTS:


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Act of Transfer
  3. Commercial Invoice
  4. Company Tax Payer’s Certificate
  5. Fresh SGS Report at Loading Port
  6. Tank Receipt
  7. Vessel Q&Q and Quality Specification
  8. Bill of Lading
  9. Certificate of Non-Wooden Package
  10. Notice of Readiness (NOR)
  11. Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  12. Authorization To Sale (ATS)
  13. Cargo Declaration / Conforming Warrant
  14. Charter Party Agreement (CPA) to transport the product to the Discharge Port
  15. Ullage Report
  16. Customs Declaration
  17. Product Allocation Certificate
  18. Notarized NCNDA/IMFPA and Endorsed by Seller


  1. Within three (3) banking days of the Vessel arrival at Buyer destination port, Buyer makes payment via TT/MT103 to Seller against Shipping documents and Title


  1. Product discharged into Buyer’s storage facility/vessel, and Seller pays commission to all intermediaries within 24 hours after rece- iving payment from Buyer



*End of Procedure




( REFINERY - 2 )





  1. Upon acceptance of seller's


  1. Buyer sends Purchase Order(ICPO)


  1. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI) for the available quantity in storage tank, buyer signs CI and returns the CI to seller with their Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) for seller


  1. Seller issues(below) POP documents to the




  1. Seller provides Fresh SGS report, tank storage receipt and opens communication with SGS office & storage provider for immediate Dip test of the


  1. Buyer books the SGS to conduct dip test in end seller's storage tank and buyer pays SGS from his own account for all SGS char- ges for inspection and providing Q&Q reports in Buyer will provide Q&Q reports to the seller free of charge. Buyer provides tank details to end seller after performing dip test by SGS on his account and then seller injection commences to buyer 's tank.


  1. After successful dip test, (NCNDA/IMFPA) will be signed by all


  1. Within 24 hours, buyer makes 100% TT wire transfer payment, end seller changes title of ownership to the buyer at the same time of receiving full


  1. Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction and subsequently monthly shipment continues as per terms and conditi- ons of the commercial invoice, and extension of transaction by issuing twelve (12) months contract to buyer for






  1. Buyer issues ICPO .


  1. Seller issues Draft Sales and purchase Agreement to buyer, Buyer returns signed contract to Seller


  1. Seller reviews signed contract acknowledged and legalize it through the ministry of Cost of legalization must be borne by the Seller.


  1. The Below Notarized listed PPOP by the Kazakhstan Ministry of Energy Department is released for Buyer A. Refinery Commitment to Supply


  1. Certificate of Origin
  2. Quality and Quantity Report (Product Passport)
  3. Statement of Product Availability Export License


  1. Seller releases to Buyer the above listed Partial POP


  1. Buyer issues Bank Instrument DLC MT700/SBLC MT760 within 7 working days to seller's Bank account after receiving


  1. If Buyer fails to issue DLC/SBLC within 7 working days, in alternative buyer makes guarantee deposit of 2% from total value of the Contract to seller as performance to secure the allocation which will be deducted from the first within 24hrs of Instrument or deposit Confirmation Seller Sign CPA and release full POP document and 2% PB to buyer's bank.


  1. License to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy, Republic of
  2. Approval to Export, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Republic of
  3. Statement of availability of the
  4. Refinery commitment to produce the
  5. Transnet contract to transport the product to the loading
  6. Port storage
  7. Charter party agreement to transport the product to discharge
  8. Vessel Questionnaire
  • Bill of (BL)
  1. SGS Report at loading (SGS Quality & Quantity Certificate)
  2. Dip test Authorization (DTA) & ATB
  3. NOR/ETA.
  4. Certificate of Ownership
  5. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate (ATPCC) by Ministry of
  6. Product Allocation Export Permit
  7. Allocation Title Ownership Certificate
  8. Ship Certificates
  9. Cargo Declaration
  10. Ullage Report
  11. Title Transfer Affidavit
  12. Notice of Readiness


  1. Customs Declaration
  2. NCNDA/IMFPA TO BE FILL AND SIGN BY ALL INTERMEDIARIES and other documents that should be


  1. Shipment commences as per signed contract delivery schedule and the shipment should arrive at Buyer's discharge port within 21 The SGS inspection will be borne by the Seller at the loading seaport and Buyer at the unloading seaport.


  1. Buyer releases payment to Seller by TT/MT103 upon receipt of the shipping documents and Confirmation of the Q&Q by SGS/CIQ at destination


  1. The Seller shall pay the commission to all Intermediaries within 2 days upon receiving payment from the Buyer




*End of Procedure





( REFINERY - 3 )




  1. Buyer issues an official ICPO along with Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) accompanied by company certificate of registration and valid means of


  1. Seller issues:
  • commercial invoice (CI) for the available quantity in the storage tank
  • product passport (Product Analysis Report),
  • Notarized Statement of availability of product
  • Authority to verify (ATV) via email or phone
  • Notice of Readiness (NOR)


  1. Buyer returns the commercial invoice and NOR duly signed by the buyer and buyer’s logistic


  1. Seller issues to the buyer the listed below documents:
  • Unconditional dip test authorization (DTA)
  • Fresh SGS inspection report
  • Injection Report
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Notarized and endorse NCNDA/IMFPA
  • Authorization to sell &collect (ATSC)
  • Tank storage receipt (TSR)
  • Commitment letter to supply


  1. (Optional) Buyer SGS team re-conducts dip test inspection on the product in seller storage tanks on buyer expense


  1. Upon successful dip test inspection, buyer pays for the total product value and seller immediately transfer the title of product ownership to buyer with all export documents


  1. Seller immediately commences injection of the product into buyer’s tanks


  1. Seller pays intermediaries.




  1. Buyer accepts seller working procedure and issue


  1. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI) will be signed by Buyer and returns commercial


  1. Seller provides buyer with the below listed PPOP along with NCNDA& IMFPA
    1. Statement of Product Availability
    2. Certificate of
    3. Conditional DTA for dip
    4. Product Passport


4. Buyer provide his storage tank agreement after confirmation from our management to proceed, buyer provides tank sto- rage receipt for 5 days to enable buyer to gain access to facilitated seller tank to conduct dip test and execute the Quality & Quantity Inspection in Tank Farm for FRESH Analytical Report/Result by SGS.


  1. After a successful DIP test the seller release Dip test SGS


  1. Injection of product proceed into Buyer’s vessel or injects into Buyer’s tanks Buyer or buyer retain tank take over within maximum 48 hours Buyer pays via MT 103/TT for the spot transaction and seller issues all export documents to


  1. Upon conclusion of first lift transaction seller pays all intermediaries involved in the Transaction and proceed with the sig- ning of contract with



  1. Buyer issues official ICPO addressed to the refinery or


  1. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI), buyer signs and returns the signed invoice to the


  1. Seller issues to the buyer the partial proof of product documents:
  • ATSC - Authority to sell and collect
  • DTA - Dip Test Authorization
  • PRODUCT PASSPORT - Product analysis report from a renowned inspection
  • ATV – Authority to verify the existence of product via email or phone


  1. Buyer extends seller’s tank and receives full GPS coordinates of the tanks, Hub Numbers, terminal access permit and dip test is conducted immediately with buyer’s team to obtain fresh SGS


  1. After a successful Dip Test in Seller’s tanks, Buyer takes over seller’s tank or Seller injects into buyer’s vessel / Tank and buyer conducts its DIP TEST Inspection for Q & Q of the Petroleum Products aboard vessel /


  1. Buyer after a successful Q &Q Dip test on the product, the buyer makes the payment for the total value of the product in- jected into the tanks through the means of MTI03 -


  1. Upon the seller receives the payment for the product from the buyer, the seller issues to the buyer the Title ownership of the product and all exporting documents of the


  1. The seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction.







  1. Buyer issues ICPO must be on the buyer’s letterhead including procedure and full banking
  2. Seller issues draft contract (open for amendment) to buyer, buyer signs, seals and return the draft contract to seller for final endor- sement and seller sends the partial proof of products:
    1. Seller Irrevocable Commitment to Supply
    2. Certificate of Origin
    3. Certificate of Registration
    4. Product Passport
    5. Authorization to Sell and Collect
    6. Commercial Invoice for the first value shipment
  3. Within 7 banking days, buyer's bank sends SBLC-MT760 or DLC-MT700 according to seller's bank verbiage to seller's nominated Fiduciary bank account for first month Should buyer fails to issue payment instrument within 7 banking days, buyer has to make a cash deposit of USD 450,000 by TT wire transfer for security guarantee to enable seller to charter vessel and commence ship- ment, this payment will be deducted from total cost of the product after inspection at the destination.
  4. Seller bank issues full POP documents to buyer's bank alongside 2% {PB) Copy of Licence to Export

Copy of Approval to Export

Copy of Statement of Products Availabilability

  • Copy of Refinery Commitment to product the product
  • Copy of contract to transport the product to loading
  • Copy of the Port Storage Agreement
  • Copy of the Charter Party Agreement to transport to discharge
  • Copy of Vessel Questionnaire Q88
  • Copy of Bill of Lading
  • SGS Report at loading port
  • Unconditional Dip Teat Authorization (UDTA) Certificate of Ownership Transfer
  • Tank Receipt
  • Company Taxpayer’s Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bill of Lading
  • Notice of Readiness Estimated time of arrival Vessel Ullage Report
  1. Shipments commences as per signed contract delivery schedule
  2. Buyer releases payment to seller by TT/MT103 upon arrival of the vessel and confirmation of the SGS/CIQ at the destination port (within 5 business days)
  3. Seller pays commission to all intermediaries involved in the transaction on seller aide and buyer pays commission to all intermedi- aries involved in the transaction on buyer

Actual Procedures will be presented in SCO document after official LOI  Letter. 


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