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İkinci El

IMO MITSUBISHI S12A2-MPTK SPECIFICATION SHEET DIESEL ENGINES GENERAL ENGINE DATA Type 4-Cycle, Water Cooled Aspiration Turbo-Charged, Inter Cooler (Raw water to Cooler) Cylinder Arrangement 60°V No.of Cylinders 12 Bore mm(in.) 150 (5.91) Stroke mm(in.) 160 (6.30) Displacement Liter(in.3 ) 33.93 (2071) Compression Ratio 14.5 : 1 Dry Weight - Engine only - kg(lb) 3720 (8203) Wet Weight - Engine only - kg(lb) 3946 (8701) PERFORMANCE DATA Steady State Speed Stability Band at any Constant Load(Generator Use) Hydraulic (std.) or Electric Governor - % ±0.25 or better Idling Speed -rpm 600~650 Maximum Overspeed Capacity - rpm 2400 Moment of Inertia of Rotating Components J- kg ・m2 (lbf・ft2 ) 10.65 (1011) (Includes 18 inch Flywheel) Cyclic Speed Variation with Flywheel at 1/552 1/373 ENGINE MOUNTING Maximum Bending Moment at Rear Face of Flywheel Housing 1961 (1447) - N・m(lbf・ft) AIR INLET SYSTEM Maximum Intake Air Restriction (Includes piping)- kPa (in.H2O) 3.92 (15.7) Maximum Allowable Intake Air Temperature- o C (o F) 45 (113) EXHAUST SYSTEM Maximum Allowable Back Pressure - kPa (in.H2O) 4.41 (17.7) LUBRICATION SYSTEM Oil Pressure 0.2~0.3 (29~43) 0.5~0.6 (71~86) Maximum Oil Temperature- o C (o F) 110 (230) Oil Capacity of Marine Pan 120 (31.7) 92 (24.3) Total System Capacity (lncludes Oil Filter) - liter ( 140 (37.0) Maximum lnstallation Angle 11゜ 9.5゜ Maximum Instantaneous Operating Angle 45゜ (Engine Level) 24゜ 22.5゜ COOLING SYSTEM Coolant Capacity - liter ( 100 (26.4) (Engine only) Maximum External Friction Head at Engine Outlet-MPa(psi) 0.034 (5.0) Recommended Static Head of Coolant above Crankshaft Center - m(ft) MAX. 10 (32.8) MIN. 7 (23.0) Standard Thermostat (Modulating)Range- o C (o F) 71~85 (160~185) Maximum Coolant Temperature at Engine Outlet- o C (o F) 95 (203) Recommended Coolant Temperature at Engine outlet- o C (o F) 80 (176) Minimum Coolant Expansion Space-% of System Capacity 10 Maximum Coolant Temperature at Inter Cooler lnlet, TK type- o C (o F) 32 (90) The specifications are subject to change without notice. APPLICATION : MARINE Pub. No. S12AM-96103B 1/3 May '04 Printed in Japan Front Up Front Down Front Up Front Down Side to Side High - liter ( Low - liter ( at ldle - MPa (psi) at Rate Speed - MPa (psi) 1800rpm 1500rpm IMO MITSUBISHI S12A2-MPTK SPECIFICATION SHEET DIESEL ENGINES FUEL SYSTEM Fuel Injection Pump Bosch P Type x 2 Maximum Suction Head of Feed Pump - kPa (in. Hg) 14.7 (4.3) Maximum Level of Fuel Tank - m Continuous Use 5.0 Stand-by Use 2.0 Minimum Fuel Oil Supply Pipe Inner Diameter - mm(in.) 20 (0.79) Minimum Fuel Oil Leak Pipe Inner Diameter - mm(in.) 20 (0.79) STARTING SYSTEM Battery Charging Alternator - V-Ah 24-35 Starting Motor Capacity - V -kW 24-7.5×2 Maximum Allowable Resistance of Cranking Circuit - m Ω 1.5 Recommended Minimum Battery Capacity At 5o C (41o F) and above - Ah 300 Below 5o C (41o F) through -5o C (23o F) 500 Cranking Ampere of Starter at 5 o C (41o F) / -5o C (23o F) Static Ampere -A 380 × 2 / 480 × 2 Momentary Ampere -A 680 × 2 / 900 × 2 ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT Air Cleaner Silencer Type Exhaust Manifold Air Cooled Turbocharger Air Cooled Air Cooler Raw Water Cooled Breather Conduction Type Governor Hydraulic PSG Type Fuel Injection Pump Fuel Feed Pump Fuel Injection Pipe Standard Type Fuel Injection Nozzle Fuel Filter Paper Element Type Lubricating Oil Pump Lubricating Oil Cooler Lubricating Oil Filter(Full-Flow) Paper Element Type Lubricating Oil Filter(By-Pass Flow) Paper Element Type Oil Pan Large Capacity,steel Cooling Water Pump Cooling Water Thermostat Starter Earth Float Type Alternator Earth Float Type Stop Solenoid DC24V-15A Engine Support Marine Type Accessory Drive Front Drive Pulley ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT(LOOSE SUPPLY) Relay Safety For Starter Jack Bolt Companion Flange Standard Tools Standard Spare Parts The specifications are subject to change without notice. APPLICATION : MARINE Pub. No. S12AM-96103B 2/3

ikinci el jeneratör 

ikini el gemi makinaları 

ikinci el çıkma jeneratörler

gemi makinaları 

çıkma gemi parçaları ve gemi ekipmanları 

used ship's spares 

Second hand ship parts 

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