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Change of the crew (international)

According to the Maritime and Port Authority of Karachi , seafarers play an important role in global seaborne trade. Karachi Port Authority  also recognizes the importance of crew rotation in order to protect the health and safety of seafarers working on board ships. With this in mind, MPA has been facilitating crew changes under a variety of conditions.

In accordance with the most recent Port Marine Circular, the MPA will take into account the following circumstances when considering applications for crew changes:

Crew who have reached the end of their employment contract

additional crew members on board whose approval would not effect the ship's safety ( Minimum Safe Mannin) ; additional crew members on board whose approval would not effect the ship's safety

Crew changes as a result of the sale or purchase of a vessel;

individuals employed by the ship but who are not members of the crew, such as superintendents and service engineers

a compassionate reason, such as the death of a family member; or

The crew is no longer medically fit to work on the ship due to a medical condition.

If you wish to carry out a crew change in the Port of Karachi and your request falls under any of the circumstances listed above, please submit a preliminary request via

Please keep in mind that we will ask for additional information and documents at a later stage after we have completed our preliminary evaluation of your preliminary request.

Pass valid for a long period of time Holdings wishing to sign off from a vessel in Singapore must obtain Safe Travel approval and comply with the Karachi Health Authority  requirements set forth by the Ministry of Health.

Using an accredited facility such as CrewSafe

As part of its CrewSafe audit program, the Karachi Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund Taskforce (SFTF) is attempting to assist crew-source countries to improve the level of confidence and quality control checks in crew change processes such as quarantine and holding facilities, as well as medical and swabbing facilities. More information about the CrewSafe audit program, as well as a list of CrewSafe accredited facilities, can be found at the following information.

Sign-on crew who complete the protocol in these CrewSafe-accredited facilities may be eligible for the following concessions when submitting a crew change application:

The application for a crew change must be submitted at least 7 days in advance, rather than 14 days, as previously required.

Instead of having to submit a new application and restart the process if a sign-on crew undergoing the CrewSafe protocol is canceled, a direct replacement for this crew will be allowed if the replacement has been undergoing the CrewSafe protocol for the same required duration as the original crew.

Sign-on crew members who have completed the CrewSafe protocol in Karachi may be required to remain at the designated holding facilities for up to three days if necessary.

NOTE: Please submit separate applications for sign-on crew who are following the CrewSafe protocol and for those who are not following the protocol in the online application form. Applications containing a mixture of crew members who have undergone CrewSafe protocol and crew members who have not undergone CrewSafe protocol will not be eligible for the above-mentioned concessions. Specify in the Remarks section of the application that the crew members in the application are undergoing the CrewSafe protocol.

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