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03 Ekim 2017

Dr.Clean Marine Steel And Chrome Cleaner

Cleans blackouts that formed over time from metal parts such as copper, chrome, steel, and brass, bronze, removes rusts and returns to brightness of the first day.
This product is developed for protecting boats stainless and chrome parts (balustrade, mast etc.) from external factor and corrosive effect of sea water.
Usage of this is very practical, after using provides long time protection and maintenance.
It provides shining and maintenance with the layer on the surfaces.

Instruction For Use ( Marine Cleaner)

Spray Dr. Clean Steel and Chrome Cleaner and obtained with dry and clean cotton cloth with circular motion.
Do not need to rinse.


Read the usage instructions.
Pull on kitchen gloves while using.
Do not mix with another material.
Keep away from children and foodstuffs.
If the product contact with your eyes, wash your eyes immediately and consult a doctor with label of the product.
After the product’s package become totally empty, send the package for recycling.
After using the product, wash hands with plenty of water.
If it is swallowed, you must consult a doctor with the product.

Environmental Information

The active ingredients in the product are biodegradable at over 80%. The plastic used in packaging is completely recyclable. It does not contain formaldehyde and phosphate.

***Only wholesale min. sale min order 20 box 

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