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Your On Boad Inspection Team is Ready in US Ports

Welcome to Maritime Solutions: Your Trusted Partner at US Ports

At Maritime Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure the safety, efficiency, and compliance of vessels operating at US ports. With our experienced team and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for all your maritime needs.

 Our Services:

1. USCG Pre-Emptive Inspection:
Ensure compliance with US Coast Guard regulations through thorough inspections conducted by our certified experts.

2. Internal ISM & ISPS Audit & MLC Inspection:
Ensure adherence to international maritime standards and regulations to enhance safety and security onboard.

3. Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspection:
Make informed decisions with our detailed inspections that assess the condition and compliance of vessels prior to purchase.

4. On Hire / Off Hire Bunker Survey:
Accurate assessment of bunker fuel quantities during vessel on-hire and off-hire processes to prevent disputes and ensure transparency.

5. Flag State Inspection (FSI):
Facilitate seamless flag state inspections to maintain compliance with flag state requirements.

6. Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS):
Precise measurement of bunker fuel quantities to ensure accuracy and prevent discrepancies.

7. Hold Condition Inspection, Hold Sealing:
Comprehensive inspections and sealing services to maintain cargo integrity and prevent contamination.

8. Maritime Cyber Security:
Protect your vessel and crew from cyber threats with our cutting-edge cyber security solutions tailored for the maritime industry.

9. Pre Loading Survey:
Ensure safe and efficient loading operations through detailed pre-loading surveys conducted by our experienced team.

10. Port Captaincy and Loading Discharging:
Efficient management of port operations to ensure smooth loading and discharging processes.

11. Draft Survey:
Accurate measurement of vessel drafts to determine cargo quantities and maintain safety margins.

12. Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Leak Test:
Detect and prevent water ingress with our advanced ultrasonic hatch cover leak testing services.

13. GMDSS Annual Radio Survey:
Ensure compliance with Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) requirements with our annual radio surveys.

14. Magnetic Compass Remote Adjustment Service:
Ensure the accuracy of your vessel's magnetic compass with our remote adjustment service.

15. Foam Analysis:
Comprehensive analysis of firefighting foam to ensure effectiveness in combating onboard fires.

16. Potable Water Analysis:
Ensure the quality and safety of onboard potable water with our thorough water analysis services.

17. Marine Chemist Service:
Protect the health and safety of your crew with our marine chemist services, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

At Maritime Solutions, we are dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to meet your maritime needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you at US ports.

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