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Dakar Ship Supply - Dakar Provision and Deck and Engine Store Supplies

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Dakar Ship Supply is a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs.
Dakar Ship Supply was founded in 2013 by individuals that understand the needs of ship crew and ship owners, are eager to help, and place a premium on quality products and service. As a result, our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop for marine supplies and services to ship owners, ship managers, and shipyards in their search for products, engineering, and services for their vessels that sail the world's oceans, with a focus on the West African region.

Dakar Ship Supply has a proven track record in the marine supply and logistics industry, with a reputation for being EFFECTIVE AND RELIABLE among ship owners and ship management companies alike.

At Dakar Ship Supply, we are dedicated to ensuring and delivering high-quality products and services to meet the needs of all of our customers. We firmly believe in providing cost-effective services and custom-tailored solutions.

Dakar Ship Supply is known for delivering the finest to the best, thus we import provisions to ensure that the food's quality and freshness stay as long as possible.

Our success is based on our diverse product offering, our staff's extensive knowledge and expertise, and our unwavering commitment to exceeding customers' expectations.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced marine technical purchasers and boarding officers is capable of providing ship owners and managers with round-the-clock services.

Our Clients Are Able To Benefit From Above With Significant Cost And Time Savings As A Result Of Our Experience In Handling Deck Engine Stores, Engine Spares, Provisions And Bonded Stores, Marine Hardware Stores Supply From Our Own Primary Stocks.

In today's competitive shipping market, "Cost And Time" are always the most important factors.

Dakar Ship Chandler is serving with competitive price and best quality at Dakar OPL and inner harbour / port .

You may ask for technical and provision supplies at Dakar OPL 

      Inner Anchorage Service at Dakar

Delivery for inner anchorage can be done at the following anchorages and the approximate boat charges  provided upon your request, please do contact us

Dakar Rope Supply

Maneuvering Rope for the STS and Calling vessel in Dakar Port

All size and Quality Maneuvering Ropes for Sale 

Please contact for best available price offer for all kind of Marine Ropes , Mooring Lines


Dakar Boat Service to Anchorage Area

+905327110329 ( Whatsapp Order )

info@denizikmal.com (Mail Order)

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